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Murray Industrial Hemp has prepared a comprehensive Investment Memorandum for your inspection.

Murray Industrial Hemp Project Timeline

Your investment in Murray Industrial Hemp presents a pioneering opportunity at the forefront of innovation within the Australian Building Industry.

Positioned strategically in terms of location and timing, the Murray Industrial Hemp project holds the key to driving economic growth in the Western Murray region, while ensuring the viability and sustainability of the emerging Hemp Block and Hemp Building Materials market.

This venture offers a chance to become an integral part of one of the region’s most promising and rapidly growing businesses from its inception.

We invite individuals to join us as stakeholders in Murray Industrial Hemp, while shaping the future of our Barham-Koondrook community.

The business case outlined in the Murray Industrial Hemp project emphasises the need for more environmentally friendly building products. These products would provide farmers with a viable cropping alternative while boasting net-zero carbon emissions, thus aligning with sustainability goals at both State and Federal Government levels.

Beyond financial gains, the Murray Industrial Hemp project addresses social and environmental issues within the Barham-Koondrook region.

Murray Industrial Hemp aims to be the leader in manufacturing for the rapidly growing Hemp Building Materials industry.

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