About Murray Industrial Hemp

Exploring the viability, excited by the outcomes.

The Murray Industrial Hemp journey began in 2020 when Western Murray Land Improvement Group (WMLIG) united farmers to explore new industries, aligning with community feedback on water availability, agricultural diversification, and economic resilience.

The community emphasised diversification, innovation, and partnership as the key to growth and resilience.

A hemp cluster group was then formed, engaging 15 farmers to explore opportunities in the hemp value chain. 

Development of Hemp Projects align to NSW Government Strategy

The investment in industrial hemp aligns closely with the NSW Government’s Regional Investment Strategy by promoting economic diversification, creating jobs, fostering sustainable agriculture, encouraging community collaboration, supporting innovation, and enhancing resilience to climate-related challenges.

The initiative reflects a strategic approach to regional development in alignment with the governments overarching goals.

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Hemp Crop - Murray Industrial Hemp
Trial Crop - Murray Industrial Hemp
The Murray Industrial Hemp Project Introduces
  • An environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional house bricks, manufactured at a competitive price point.

  • Industrial hemp as a viable summer crop, offering local irrigators a sustainable alternative to traditional crops.

  • By cultivating and processing hemp, we anticipate creating 30 full-time equivalent (FTE) direct and indirect jobs, fostering stable local employment and generating an annual economic activity of $4.4 million.

  • The lower water requirements of hemp cultivation promise enhanced water efficiency and increased agricultural output, further contributing to economic growth.

  • Ultimately, this project is poised to elevate socio-economic indicators, improving conditions through increased employment opportunities and economic activity, thereby benefiting the entire community.
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