Barham Region

Perfectly Positioned for Manufacturing

Abundant water, Mediterranean climate, ready workforce and central to capital city access - Barham is primed for industrial hemp production.

The development of an industrial hemp supply chain in Barham presents a strategic opportunity to introduce a crop with lower irrigation water requirements, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices. This move is not only environmentally conscious but also positions Barham to diversify its crop portfolio.

The region’s climate, well-suited for hemp cultivation and retting, combined with a proactive interest from farmers, forms a foundation for the successful integration of this versatile crop into the local agricultural landscape.

Beyond the cultivation phase, Barham exhibits key attributes conducive to the storage, processing, and manufacturing stages of hemp production.

Several identified sites within the area are well-suited for the storage of hemp, and the availability of a processing plant site further strengthens the potential for a comprehensive industrial hemp supply chain. This infrastructure, in conjunction with
Barham’s significant community assets, including schools, hospitals, accommodation, and various service industries, creates a favourable environment for a thriving hemp industry.

Barham benefits from a well-suited pool of potential employees with backgrounds in similar industrial activities, such as timber milling, fostering a skilled workforce for the hemp industry.

Barham’s advantageous geographical location is a critical factor contributing to the feasibility of an industrial hemp venture.

Proximity to Melbourne, and positioned centrally between Sydney and Adelaide, is facilitated by competitive transport linkages, enhances market access and distribution channels.

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