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Hemp Building Products

A sustainable solution for Australian construction

Hemp-based building products are renewable, biodegradable, and have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional building materials.

Hemp blocks components contribute to carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative buildings. The growth strategy is to provide insulation, flooring, and structural hemp products in future developments.

An agri-innovation opportunity through hemp-based building materials - A developers journey

My journey in construction began with a desire to create homes that blend energy efficiency with the sustainability of natural materials.

After completing a Diploma in Energy-Efficient Construction, I explored rammed earth and straw bale techniques before discovering the incredible potential of hemp and hempcrete.

Early on, I realised the Australian building industry needed more time to prepare for this revolutionary material. Our hemp supply chain was virtually nonexistent. But I believed in hemp’s power to transform homes: its sustainability, comfort, and carbon-capturing properties.

This belief helped me reinvent my business as ‘The Hemp Building Company’, a multi-faceted leader in education, consultancy, and hands-on hemp construction.

While hempcrete construction is labour-intensive, the demand is growing. Over the last 18 months, I’ve seen a marked increase in architects and developers recognising the necessity to move to sustainable materials.

This shift, combined with Murray Industrial Hemp’s advance into the hemp building materials market, will help establish Australia’s hemp industry, which tells me we’re poised for a breakthrough.

My vision is to make hemp a mainstream building choice. We have moved beyond the “niche” label. The Hemp Building Co’s success in completing dozens of hemp homes demonstrates its viability.

Most Australian homes are built with timber or steel frames – the same framing techniques work perfectly with hemp blocks and panels.

Murray Industrial Hemp isn’t about reinventing construction but replacing conventional materials with something far superior. Hemp stores carbon, uses sustainable manufacturing processes, and doesn’t pollute at the end of its life cycle. The environmental benefits are unparalleled.

We must educate and partner with mainstream builders to meet the demand.

Hemp also helps homes achieve stringent energy-efficiency standards. Its thermal and acoustic insulation properties are remarkable, minimising the air leakage that plagues traditionally built houses.

Murray Industrial Hemp has the capability to build a strong foundation for success in the Barham region. A crop of experienced farmers with the ability to grow and harvest quality hemp, ample space for manufacturing and warehousing, and access to a logistical network for distribution. And importantly, we have the knowledge to share with the mainstream building industry and advance the take-up of Hemp Building Materials.

With your support, Murray Industrial Hemp is ready to start manufacturing Australian-made hemp blocks within two years. We’re not just planning; we are prepared.

Murray Industrial Hemp is positioned to launch a unique company that will benefit the Barham community on many levels and genuinely manufacture a sustainable product for the building and construction sector.

Joe D’Alo
Energy-Efficient Building Practitioner and Owner of The Hemp Building Company
Key Consultant to Murray Industrial Hemp

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Hemp Block - Murray Industrial Hemp
Hemp Building Block - Murray Industrial Hemp
Joe D'Alo - Murray Industrial Hemp
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